Ethical rules in Bergteamet AB

Ethics policy

Bergteamet will, in a responsible manner, aquire the knowledge and commitment needed to take a far reaching social responsibility for its staff and to create long-term profitability. This means that:

– We promote a stable and efficient development of our business and long-term management of energy and natural resources, with respect to our employees, the economy and the environment.

– We strive to provide a meaningful, safe and stimulating work for our employees, guided by our management system and continous work environment improvements.

– We respect the environment and are actively working to reduce the impact on both internal and external environment. EHS (environment, health and safety) issues are managed systematically through program planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of our work and performance.

– Risks and accidents should be minimized and managed through active risk management including risk analysis, reports, studies, etc.

– Transparent and factual information regarding news, events and the development of Bergteamet will be provided to all employees and other instances depending on our operations.

– We will ensure that all employees receive appropriate training and education in order to increase their skills and motivation.

– Our overall goal is to work systematically and responibly in order to create a strong foundation for the future and a long-term profitability.

Boliden April 2013